Hi, I’m a documentary filmmaker in San Francisco. I own all my own gear and work on a variety of projects with a range of budgets.

resume BUNKER spring 2014EQUIPMENT LIST

  • Camera
    • Canon C100 HD 24p video
    • Canon 7D photo
    • lenses: 17-50mm f2.8 w/ stabilizer, 70-200mm f2.8, 30mm f1.8 prime, 10mm f2.8 fisheye
    • field monitor
  • Tripod / Handheld rig / Glidecam HD 2000
  • Audio
    • H4n portable audio recorder
    • Shotgun microphone w/ wind cover
    • wireless lavalier microphone
    • 2x wired lavalier microphone
    • wireless handheld microphone
  •  Lights
    • 500w LED light panel
    • 100w LED hair light
    • on camera LED light panel
  • Editing
    • Macbook Pro 2.2Ghz quad core 8gb ram laptop
    • Final cut 7
    • Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom CS5