growing resistance 350 california climate crisis bunker films

Growing Resistance: Drought, Oil & Climate Change in California

Commons Film

food & water watch porter ranch gas leak bunker films

Food & Water Watch: Porter Ranch gas leak

march real climate leadership bunker films

March for Real Climate Leadership

California Crossroads tour CAF bunker films

California Crossroads

greenpeace vs shell bunker films

GreenPeace v Shell

food & water watch ban fracking bunker films

F&WW: Lets Ban Fracking Now!

bunker films

Nicotine Bees

one day in the american city bunker films

One Day in the American City bunker films

WAORANI Last of the rainforest people

Faith Against Fracking CAF bunker films

Faith Against Fracking

fight for $15 oakland bunker films

Fight for $15 Oakland

oil trains forest ethics bunker films

Stop #OilTrains in California

couch surfing brooklyn new york bunker films

Couch Surfing contest

Bicicletas Por La Paz bunker films

Bicicletas Por La Paz

feels like raj bunker films

Feels Like

bunker films

Marked for Extinction

bunker films

Cargo Drop – Burning Man 2013

Women, Gender, and Climate Change

Record Level Rains Floods Frontline Community, South Africa

Mountain Justice Spring Break 2014

The Southwest Workers Union

Our Power

Dear Governor Brown: Don’t Frack Los Angeles County

Dear Governor Brown: Don’t Frack Santa Barbara

Dear Governor Brown: Don’t Frack San Benito

dear governor brown ventura oxnard fracking bunker films food water watch

Dear Governor Brown: Don’t Frack Ventura County

Black As Night – Nahko and Medicine for the People

Tomas Salcedo - Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla bunker films

Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla

George Zisiadis bunker films


Mistletoe Drone George Zisiadis bunker films

Mistletoe Drone

big ideas fest 2015 bunker films

ISKME Big Idea’s Fest

Emil Her Many Horses from the Nelson-Atkins museum

JoAllyn Archambault from the Nelson-Atkins museum

Rhonda Holy Bear from the Nelson-Atkins museum

350 Fracking Kern County, California

Oil Spill in Galveston, Texas

Day One: San Francisco’s Public Comment

Nahko on Project Survival Media

Charleston West Virginia Chemical Spill

Pagasus Riding Academy

Idealists Vs Realists @ COP

Penny Royal


Sleepwalker (Team Submarine)

Kickstarter Campaign Video for Alas de Rio

Conference of Youth – Durban

COP17 – International Youth Climate Movement is Getting Things Done after Durban

US Youth say “2020: It’s too late to wait”

“Occupy the COP” Conference of Parties 17 illegal internal protest

Brokelandia – Bikram Blows

Proposition 8 – Philadelphia

Tempil infomercial

The Foreign Exchange – “House Of Cards”

The Foreign Exchange – ”I Wanna Know”

Drexel Smart House

Bad Night

A Momentary Lapse of Realism

Burning Man – Team Zark time lapse

Sewage – What Happened to the Punk Rock

Make It Happen

Got Bomb

“The Astronomer” Oh, The Story!

Three Babes by Lee G & Delon

Aris – Still Falling

The Prescotts

The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington – “Take Off The Blues”

Out of the Bag

Neighborhood Bike Works

The Authentic – “Freedom”

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy National Conference 2010

Colibri Bicicletas Por La Paz bunker films


Pulse of the City George Zisiadis bunker films

Pulse of the City

fruitvale bicicletas por la paz bunker films


George Zisiadis bench go round bunker films

Bench Go Round